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June 7, 2012 | 7:48 pm

Ok Peter I got your point.
I guess there is something I missed in your patch, btw.
The pitch ratio would change only when there is a distance variation (= when a movement occurs)

About the distance, I would use that power 2
But indeed, all is virtual.. I mean, I have also some doubts about units in the virtual world.
I can make very little objects and put the max speed at a very low value OR make huge objects etc…
I’ll post a metaphysical post/question about that in few minutes :p

About all what I have to do in my sound sources (basically, voices of synths in Super Collider), I’ll put a little module in each synth.
This little module will be responsible for:
– sound attenuation
– sound spatialization
– doppler stuff (delay? or direct pitch alteration as you mentioned)
– sound modifications in case where I want to create some specific atmospheric fx (only some filters or I don’t know)

The (now famous) objects know distance to cam, angles to mic, so they can fire & tweak SC synths in realtime
(OMG … poor cpu)

Does this schematic make sense ?
It is only a schematic to sketch the global chain at the end of my sound sources (=synths in SC)
I already put it there: about spatialization (for which I still have to figure out mic & calculations I’ll have to do)


  1. sketchingSpatializationSTuff.PNG