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Dec 12 2010 | 10:28 pm

Hey Brendan, in response to your post,"discrete trigger or continuous control value"; i'm not entirely sure. I'm thinking it would be a discrete trigger as I am using a prerecorded audio file. Ive taking some screen shots to show you what i have been up to. My first problem has been the graph patches interpretation of the wave. The serial data enters the patch as two values; the raw value and the value (check arduino sketch, 5th post). This is separated by a delimiter(,). Pic 1 shows how a used a 2 axis graph to display the heart beat using a spread sheet.
This led me to look at max basics tutorials, Data 2. I was trying to incorporate the part of the patch showing in pic2 so that the patch could read the .wav file and display it to the full potential in the graph by using the Peak and Trough objects to Analyse the beats range of values, adapting the graph to only show the minimum and maximum values ignoring those out of range. This would let me see what was going on better.
Pic 3 shows how i have added your patch which is working with the audio file, I'm so happy. I guess I just need to adjust the button argument values which are triggered to control the rate. Is that what the patch is doing? I really need to fix my graph readings. This is a massive help. I think ones I fix my incoming serial data for the graph and make a few tweaks to the values I will be up and running with this. Having thought this through discrete values would be fine.
thanks Brendan for all your help

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