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Apr 11 2012 | 6:40 pm

Having a numberbox display a frequency is the end goal only. I certainly wouldn’t indicate that by itself it will display a digital signal connected directly to it… having a numberbox for an end result clarifies that I need a frequency number value that I can connect directly to other objects to perform math/timing calculations etc… as opposed to a signal representation such as in scope~ etc.

I aimed specific questions at the [number~] object, because I wasn’t up on what it really was displaying.

Nevertheless, I tested [sigmund~] in simulations yesterday, and it appeared to be rock solid all the way down to 12 or 11 hertz, and useable certainly still at 10 hertz with minute flutter. At 9 hertz it becomes unstable and at 8 hertz it is unuseable. This was great news. 10 hertz is all the way down at 300 RPM… well below what the car idles at. I can have any signals below 10 hertz simply register as zero for RPM. At 7500 RPM, the hertz value will be 250.

So I went and fired up the MR2 and plugged in my firewire.
It worked flawlessly. Exactly as in the simulation. No blips, no flutters, no need for any averaging or smoothing. Straight from [sigmund~] frequency output (numberbox) to the dial, in which I updated the dial inspector range setting to 246.669998 (for 7400 RPM). (Ignore the old dial to the right, it has a range of 11,100 and math applied to it to get it into range, which creates artificial flutter…)

It worked so well in fact, that when I compared it side-by-side to my oem Toyota tachometer, it left the oem tacho in the dust for responsiveness and accuracy (minute changes in throttle makes this obvious).

Here is a You Tube video of yesterday’s startup trial:

And a pic :)


Thank you VERY much, all of you, that contributed, answered… It has involved contributions from no fewer than 6 forums to get this all to work out, and various disciplines… You guys simply rock.

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