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Feb 25 2009 | 5:17 pm

"Anyway, about the Science Fair – I’m guessing computers aren’t provided? I mean, it is to show off things you did in Max, yes? Not a ‘real’ science fair with baking soda volcanos. Though…. I could make a max-powered volcano! hmm."

Correct. You provide all your own equipment and the projects are Max-based. The volcano idea is very nice.

"Anyway, what’s the general protocols for it? How big are the tables? Will I have enough room to bring a Mac Pro, two 24" monitors, and speakers? What about security for all this stuff? It’s kind of hard to walk off with a mac pro but I’m sure it’s possible."

The tables are 5 feet long, but you are not guaranteed an entire table. The size will depend on your project. You shouldn’t bring your equipment to the conference center until the day of the fair. The auditorium can be locked if we leave.

"I suppose headphones would probably make more sense than speakers, too. How big is the room? I’m guessing it’s likely to be noisy."

Yes, headphones recommended.

"Lastly, what’s up with this ‘Field Trip’? Should we bring our own recorders/cameras? I have acceses to a 100khz microphone, and a 1-bit recorder, should I bring them?"

Bring what’s easy to carry. You will be riding on public transportation

"If this is the wrong place for this, sorry!"

This is fine, but questions specific to your Science Fair project should be sent to Andrew Benson ( I’ll do my best to answer all others.

Not many fair openings left and we ask that those who have said "maybe" send a final decision to Andrew soon.


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