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Jan 20 2013 | 4:18 pm

Hi friends

I’ve been revisiting this issue and I modified jsobjwriter.js to support the tri_fan , quad_grid and tri_strip primitives in a way I think is more accurate to the way Max/Jitter tends to render generative 3d files. I’ve also commented out some of the behavior in regards to the way it accepts messages about which primitive it ought to use, because it had this tendency to ignore what I was asking it to do.

The new primitive modes are accessible as tri_fan2 , quad_grid2 , tri_strip2 . I may work through all of them at some point but those seemed to be most useful ( or at least the ones I wanted ) .

You can find the file here with an example patch

After exporting I suggest using Meshlab to clean your object. Sometimes very long edges are produced between ends of objects which are undesirable.
Filters > Selection > Select faces with edges longer than ….
Filters > Selection > Delete selected faces and verticies

the following screenshots show max (left) and meshlab (right) , not particularly interesting shapes but they’re highly nonconformal and essentially random vertices/faces as a proof of concept. If you’re having troubles with normals , you can usually generate them in meshlab with some success.

[attachment=212855,4918] [attachment=212855,4919] [attachment=212855,4920]

  1. ScreenShot20130119at8.59.21AM.png


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