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Mar 24 2010 | 11:12 pm

AudioMatt, of course this doesn’t work, but i think you were right pointing on ring modulation! :

In fact, i found Izotope RX is far better than RavenPro. In Izotope RX, ok there is this Multi-resolution option in the "spectrogram setting" but it’s not the most important, there is some other great stuff like : Time Overlap and Frequency Overlap.

In the image below, from Izotope RX, i compared the same sonogram from "Talk.aiff" using "overlap" :

While time overlap is made by moving a bit the sound in time in front of the FTT window, I think the Frequency Overlap in Izotope RX must be made moving a bit the frequencies in front of the FTT bins… it think it must use some kind of little ring modulation (like freqshift~ does, i think) just moving the sound frequencies some few hertz before doing the FFTs. Then, by blending all the FFTs, this accurate the frequencies of the harmonics. (A bit like i imagined using different FFTs sizes.) I’m not yet satisfied but that’s the beginning of something.

>> "Well I’m not sure you actually want a sonogram"

Yes, it IS what I want. I want the sinusoid AND the noise content. I’d like to see with my eyes EVERYTHING that my brain can hear with my ears. I don’t feel this is utopian.
if a 256 fft window have good time resolution, and a 8192 fft window have good frequency resolution, i don’t see why you guys are not agree that i could have both by intelligently blend them, playing with contrast.


wow.. i’m wondering again about wavelet seeing this :

This guy is showing more interesting images made with wavelets than what i had seen before in and in the link that Vanille pointed.

Arg, the software is for window, I’m gonna borrow the pc from my girlfriend and have look at it.

Any soft like that for mac ?

Any good example patch using the [wavelet~] object from cnmat, somewhere ?


  1. overlap-in-Izotope-RX.png


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