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Jun 02 2010 | 12:08 am

it is getting interesting here now.

jvkr is right:
delayed loadbangs sometimes do not work as exspected, for example
when drawing to lcd or loading files from disk, and mostly when the delay is too short.
so be careful what you do, never forget that maxmp is a young girl.

answer to christopher:
for the same reason why you make abstractions in any other situation.
110.loaddels 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 is simply less writing compared to
loadbang del 400 del 500 del 600 del 700 del 800 del 900 del 1000 and
connect them.
(the same is true for ordered loadbangs – see my abstraction attached.)

then a little idea about how to organize/find the required load order.

you are the programmer, you must simply decide and take responsibilty yourself.

what can really help to do so, is that you do not put any loadbangs in your
subpatches (except inside abstarctions, where it is unavoidable), but have
a "loadbang-input" to you bigger subpatches and/or bpatchers, in order to
keep overview and/or control the load order.

important for beginners: do not use delays only because you are unsure how
to organize order. learn how to organize order!
 attached files:

have fun 


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