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Feb 17 2012 | 4:55 pm

A week or so ago we got an email from someone who had noticed that
onepole~ in Max 6 sounds different from onepole~ in Max 5 and it was
noticeable when listening to his patchers

Actually we’ve had a few of these – it’s a by product of us having improved the sound
of MSP for Max 6, it’s better, but it’s different! Sometimes different trumps better.

So we had a look at the old onepole~ code. Tim Place had done an analysis of all the old
MSP code and especially the filters when he did the huge job of making them all use 64 bit
audio internally for Max 6.

Max 5’s onepole~ actually has a cutoff freq mapping deal which clips the cutoff
frequency between 0 and SR/4, or about 11k Hz at 44.1 kHz SR (ahem). So if
you feed it a cutoff freq value higher than that, nothing changes.

Max 6’s onepole~ on the other hand, responds all the way up to SR/2.

If you want the sound of Max 5’s onepole~, it’s gen~ to the rescue.

Today’s patch has a comparison between the different onepole~ objects.

There’s the one from the gen~.filters example, the Max 6 onepole~ object and
a recreation of the Max 5 onepole~



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