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Feb 22 2012 | 4:39 pm

Today, I decided to do something simple – but with unpredictable results – as my patch-a-day. I started with a simple "tartan generator", which just samples the input at the current x/x and y/y coordinates to build a grid. This is what you see when you first fire up the patch (and turn on your camera). I then wanted to see what feedback would do, and especially negative feedback. The patch goes from simple colored gridding to either fractal inversions or architectural blocking (in this case, I've got chunky set to 4, fbmix set to -1.267, x offset to .323 and y offset to 7.6). You can't easily predict the results, so it is one of those fun patches where you randomly twiddle the controls and enjoy the results.

Have fun!


  1. tartanmess.jpg


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