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Feb 29 2012 | 10:56 pm

The other day I had an idea to try and make an audio generator which took an input and sampled it every N samples, then did some kind of interpolation between successive sampled values.

The picture might give you an idea.

Here’s how it turned out. Because the "gap" in samples relates to the frequency of the incoming wave, its output varies all over the place as you change both its frequency and also the gap between successive sampled values.

This post is the last one in this patch a day series. We hope you’ve had fun playing along with us. On behalf of the members of the material group at c74, I’d like to thank Wes and Graham for all their help with these patches and for their work on this awesome addition to Max.



P.S. Thanks to Lilli, all of the Gen patch a day patchers are stored for posterity here


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