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Feb 02 2012 | 3:39 pm

Good morning, and welcome to the next in our Gen patch-a-day series. The super-secret Cycling '74 algorithm has chosen me today, and I'm going to throw another Jitter patch into the mix (A note to gen~ fans: It's just the luck of the draw that we started with two Jitter patches in a row. Don't despair – there is plenty of audio fun on the way). Today's jit.pix patch uses very simple means and makes extensive use of the fact that Jitter gen objects work with floating point data in the range of 0. – 1.0 when addressing the position of a pixel and sampling it. When combined with a few trig objects and the ability to sum, wrap, and fold data, there is room for all kinds of warpy fun. Please enjoy this patch responsibly.

with regards,



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