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Oct 09 2012 | 5:32 pm

Thanks for your reply Simon!

So are you suggesting putting my entire Max 5 folder in the File Preferences search path? I must be misunderstanding you because that leads to the very problematic situation of having Max 6 seeing both Max 5 and Max 6 versions of every Max Object.

That's strange to me that it runs fine for you. Are you on Mac or PC?

I have two different MacBook Pros (2008 and 2012 Retina) that I've tried running it on, both with Max 5 and Max 6 installed. In fact I've had the patch running in both Max 5 and Max 6 simultaneously on each computer with the exact same result. The issue is that the resulting image in Max 6 is blown out as if there is an additive video feedback loop in the process.

Attached are screenshots from both of my computers that shows the unexpected behavior.

Thanks for any advice!

[attachment=205582,4511] [attachment=205582,4512]

  1. MaxScreenSnapz001.jpg


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