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Apr 02 2013 | 6:56 pm

Sorry I will try again.

In the patch that you send me with separate videoplane objects everything is perfect! Shapes haves transparency one to another and to the torus.
1. is when I do not use the matrix, but only videoplane like a single object, everything looks nice, like in your patch.
2. when I try to use the matrix (connect metronome to it), shape goes on the back of the torus.
3. when I push depth_write to one shape comes in front of the torus, but with out transparency to it.
Looks like, if I give to the video plane object a matrix for input instead of position message, it goes on the back of other shapes.

Sorry if my question is naive, I am new in this, and I don't clearly understand why it happens, if it is on the 1 layer.
My question is how can I order this video plane, when I want to put it in front of others, as when it was before I used a matrix for it's input?

I hope that it's more clear now.


[attachment=219807,5361] [attachment=219807,5362] [attachment=219807,5363]

  1. 3.png


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