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Jan 06 2011 | 9:49 pm

only polygons? in the tutorials is written: "… Right now, only vertices, polygons, groups, materials and texture coordinates are supported."
So it isn’t possible to import .obj’s that only exist out of a (out)line?

So "no curves" is my problem i think?
What does this "out of memory" error means?

Here in attachment a .zip file with two SketchUp test .obj exports:
– SketchUp_men.obj => i have get this working with []
– SketchUp_circle_edges.obj => doesn’t work but the code inside the file seams identically.

I need the ability to convert and use illustrator vector "lines" (that i already have constructed) in Jitter. So what i try to do for now is:
Illustrator > export > .dxf (ACAD file) > import > SketchUp > export > .OBJ

Will there in the future come more import/read possibilities?
.dxf or .dwg import/read?

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