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July 26, 2011 | 2:39 pm

More tests done (quadcore), but first I have to correct an error in my post from yesterday: I did not mean the IR-window, I meant the depth-map window.

– I left the two Kinects unattended yesterday (back to back as described), for more than 5 hrs not a crash. Yeah!

– today, I checked my hypothesis that the players between both Kinects would be confused: I was wrong. I checked by changing the two "print OSC" in my testpatch into "print OSC_A" and "print OSC_B". I saw that both devices/processes are cleanly separated.

– still, the behaviour is rather nervous (as described above, players are lost quickly, assigned a new number), nothing compared to one Kinect running alone, where things run very smoothly and the system reacts very pardoning (it even recognizes me as a player while sitting and only waving one arm). I found out that it helps when the player is in full view (all limbs are clearly seen). I checked this with two players (each on one Kinect)

– I used two XML configs, in the second I renamed all items (e.g. Depth2).
I also tried to save CPU by deactivating nodes, but, of course, after I am interested in the output #4 I will definitely need these…

– Somehow I produced the following error, I hope it helps (I think in this case the screenshot is more useful than typing it)


  1. 20110726errKinect.JPG