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Jun 02 2010 | 11:31 am

Hi ring,

This is for PC only, I don’t have access to a Mac.

The files in M4L_Nocturn MIDI Remote Script go to the folder:
C:Program FilesAbletonLive 8.1.3ResourcesMIDI Remote ScriptsM4L_Nocturn

In Live you open Options -> Preferences (Ctrl,). The device MFL Nocturn is added to the control surfaces and wired to Automap MIDI, both input en output.


You open the automap view (View Button on the Nocturn). Then press User, Chan.1 Novation MIDI. Then you open one of the .automap files form the menu File -> Open and selecting one of the .automap files from the .ZIP.


The .amxd files from the ‘Basic MFL Devices for Nocturn’ in the .ZIP go to the Live Library folder, in my case this is
Z:Live8LibraryPresetsMIDI EffectsMax MIDI EffectMFL Nocturn

Now you should be able to open these patchers on a MIDI-track and attach a blue hand from the Nocturn to them. Perhaps this works automatic, else you click with the right mouse button on the top of the patcher and then select attach Lock to Control Surface X (MFL Nocturn).

I hope this will help you to get things going.

Kind Regards,


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