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January 12, 2013 | 12:19 am

Ok. Sorry, I clicked on "Send Post" at the wrong time!

Anyway, I was talking about the "texture wrap" effect which I’m trying hard to obtain…. I’m attaching a picture just to clarify. It’s just a with an attached texture.
So, as I said above, I’d like to achieve the same effect on a mesh that has the shape of a body. Like having a big piece of paper wrapped around the body. As Wes wrote, I need to generate a texcoord array that changes following the movement of the body, but I’m still stuck on that. What I got so far (se patch above) is always some sort of "magnifying glass effect", in which the body reveals and deforms a static image.
If I understood correctly I should try to get the correct texcoord from the depthmap of the kinect, but I can’t get this part to work.
Please correct me if I’m wrong and forgive my stubbornness.

  1. Screenshot20130112at0.48.49.png