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Mar 30 2010 | 4:21 pm

Thanks for replying again. I’m on OSX at home so i’ll try it out when I’m back from work tonight see if it’s any different.

It won’t let me move the files manually. I will be moving the files from a VB script, but that’s not working yet, and since I can’t move the files manually either I’m guessing that’s why the script isn’t working.

Here’s a one-image-at-a-time version of the patch. It’s a bit messy because I had to squeeze in bits from sub-patches into one patch. You’ll also need the javascript script which I’ve attached below (it just removes the .png from the write file path, because jit.matrix puts a .png on the end automatically). I think you’ll have to save the patch, and put the javascript file in the same folder so that the js object can see it.


-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

  1. remove_ext.js

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