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Mar 12 2013 | 2:39 am

Thanks, Jeremy!

but of course, it’s still a bid odd. If I do not explicitly assign a name to the listener, I get what one would expect on loopreport:

js: listener u190002971

Of course, this isn’t too helpful, so I assigned a name to each listener on instantiation:

listenArray[vcount] = new JitterListener(movArray[vcount].getregisteredname(),listenresults)
listenArray[vcount].subjectname = "listen_" + vcount;
post("init name ", listenArray[vcount].subjectname, "n")

I get what I would expect posted on initialization: listen_0, listen_1, etc.

However, once I do that, the listener ceases to report events entirely. If I comment out the naming line, it works fine, but still with the jit-style matrix name(obviously, since naming it kills the system)

For the heck of it, i tried:

listenArray[vcount].name = "listen_" + vcount;

but that just gets me an undefined on loopreport:

js: listener loopreport

So the question is, why does explicitly assigning a subjectname kill the listener? Is this another one of my I-forgot-a-semicolon errors, or is it something else?

All I’m really looking for is the index number of the movie/listener, so I can set/reset volume levels at loopreport…

I hope this isn’t too vague. I’ve attached code/patcher if that helps….



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