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Oct 21 2011 | 4:16 am

Sorry for long text, but I suppose it’s a beta thread…

Trying to further understanding the relation between and …

In the patch I posted, if you enable 0 the ‘ ctx_sub’, the torus falls back into the ‘ctx’ render chain even if its drawto is ‘ctx_sub’. you have to also enable 0 the ‘ ctx @name ctx_sub’ for it to disapear. Is it correct?

I’m trying to find an equivalent to the way I use with the new objects.
The main interest is to be able to have a glcommand list with:
_ etc…
and draw multiple(different) drawobject, (and eventually glbindtexture to use different texture for the same object rendered in different views.)

On the next patch, I can’t find a way to have sometimes:
_ an ob3d in one camera and not in the other one
_ and some objects in the two cameras
I’m going to try with camera and a contextual

++ is it possible to ‘call’ a’ in ( à la drawobject or glbindtexture)
this way, I won’t have to build a long light command list.
is drawobject a kind of call to an cmd_list (internal in the ob3d?


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