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December 14, 2012 | 5:17 pm

hi micron,

thank you very much for posting this.
i will give it a try.
with this solution i will get a cmdlist in of 10000.
but it should work ;-)

its a shame, that we can not do this "out of the box" with
if its not working i will go the openframeforks route.
i did some tests. it is incredibly fast, looks fantastic, but it is hard to code ….

I got the following answer from the cycling support:
"It's the nature of rendering a frame circle.
You could make two solid circles and make one an alpha, that will yield a neater circle.
Alternatively a circle bought into will also give a good result."

i woud say, that nature of rendering a frame circle has bugs !
perhaps these edges is a feature :-)

i personaly prefere circles without edges …
sample of a natural cycling74 frame circle rendering attached.

all the best,


  1. framecyclebug.png