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Dec 17 2012 | 11:07 pm

The performance is over and I did make it work in the end! Not entirely in Max as I wanted to, but with the help of VDMX, my old trustworthy companion. I never imagined that I would ever make 54 layers with it. :)

So, how I did it in the end is the same as I had before except that where I normally would sent the values to a Matrix (or jit.fill) I now send them by OSC to VDMX. VDMX takes care of the rendering and sends the output to MadMapper. I could do the mapping in VDMX as well, but time was short and I had to rethink the processing over again of I would (no option to turn anti aliasing off for the main output for example). I did try Vade’s options but had to less time to dive in to it.

One thing though (that I also couldn’t find on the boards here) is that when I use a coll the output seems to be not working for the line object. I first have to put it in to a message and bang that message before it works.

Here is an updated version. Thanks vade and dtr for the help so far. :)

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