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Apr 09 2013 | 11:52 am

Ok, I prepared a patch explaining the problem I’m trying to solve (my original project is to complicated and containing to many external dependences to post it).

In posted patch I located two [] objects. One filled with an image taken from [jit.grab], second one containing stuff from [jit.mgraphics]. I’m using @layer parameter to put the [] containing data from [jit.mgraphics] "over" the [] with [jit.grab] data. Moreover I’m using alphablending for both []’s.

Now I need a method to change "paint" command used for [jit.mgraphics] to something allowing me to create clear (filled with 0.) alpha channel for the image produced by [jit.mgraphics] – and see both: the drawings from [jit.mgraphics] and background from [jit.grab].

Maybe a good model of the thing, I want to create is "HUD" display.

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