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Jan 22 2013 | 4:03 pm

Hi Balam,

Thanks for your input. I’m having no issues streaming over the same network — that is to say two computers on the same wifi network. What I am having issues with is streaming to two machines on different networks, right now I’m trying to get a live video stream from one VIPR patch here in Berlin, Germany, to a friend in London, UK… I’ve also tried with other friends in the NYC, and here in Berlin, but we’re not having much luck. Like I said I’m new to the world of streaming and broadcast, so all the help and information that can be provided the better.

Attached are the transmitters and receivers I’m using, as well as the Vipr ffmpeg encoder (all by Benjamin Smith) to do these tests. But yes it works fine and looks great over a local network.

Have you had any success streaming video between two different max patches on different networks?

Thank you, and as I continue my research I will share it, and will be happy to share the resulting patches :)


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