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Mar 30 2013 | 6:11 am

I need to resurrect this thread. The title could still be the same, but the situation is slightly different from what was described in the original post.

Regardless of which object to use, ctlin or midiin, nanoKontrol2 works fine in Max 5, but not Max 6. Also, the problem does not occur unless dac is on.

I just got nanoKontrol2 and am trying to use it in Max 6.08. Opening a patch (such that attached to this message), the device can be found no problem, and it works just fine in the first few minutes. But after a while (varied from immediate to several minutes), as eddiebreitweiser mentioned two years ago, it becomes very laggy.

Precisely to say, it works in the way that there is an invisible speedlim object created after midiparse — the value reaches the destination but skipping lots. Interestingly, I can observe no value is skipped in what is printed in Max window, but the skipped values are not obtainable in the patch.

As the supplemental info, the problem occurs:

1. only when dac is on
2. some minutes (1~5 mins?) after dac is on
3. also in the latest Max 6.1.1

My system is OS 10.8.2, Max 6.0.8, MacBook Pro Retina.

If you have nanoKontrol2 and using Max 6, please find the attached patch and test yours. If you possibly know a workaround, please let me know. Thank you.



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