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Apr 16 2010 | 4:37 pm

Hey Don,

Hmm. Weird. I’ve been writing these short little .js files to do small jobs in Max more as a way to learn Javascript. You could probably do the same job (it’s parsing messages) with Max objects. At any rate, I’ll attach the non-bundled version to this post. Let me know if that works for you better.

Essentially, I’m working on the same thing as you are (uploading interfaces). The patch that I’ve created allows one to upload not only interfaces but also messages to the Mrmr Client. However, right now I’ve only got it working for one client at a time so if you’re hoping to have two way communication between a central server and multiple clients (like I am) it’s not the final solution.

I’m on the same train of thought regarding the oscbonjour code adjustments. "_osc._udp" actually happens in three different places in the code. However, I’m just working on a hunch.

Essentially, Mrmr transmits OSC over UDP (port 1337) but receives data over TCP (port 31337). This means that you have to have the device IP address to be able to send info to the client. The client presents its IP address when you open a bank which is how I’m making it work.

However, the MrmrServer software doesn’t need this extra step. Which is why I’m thinking it’s an issue of registering a bonjour service of _mrmrsrvr._udp rather than _osc._udp. My hunch is that the client is listening for the former and will announces it’s IP when it see’s it. This is only a hunch though.

Also, I haven’t really had a close look at the MrmrServer code. There could be some clues on how to do a Max implementation of the server there?

Chris L.


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