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Jul 23 2010 | 9:37 pm

In response to AuralBee’s comments on MaxForLive.Com there is an update to the Launchpad DrumSeq now.


>Parameter controls: layout is fantastic. I noticed when automating that the live undo buffer is filling up. Could this be fixed ?
– As far as I know that would need a live.remote (for every controlled parameter). These little gems eat so much CPU that my quad core intel 2.4 Ghz can’t handle it. Even 2 or 3 parameter controls freezes the whole setup. Sorry.

>Parameter allocations do not get saved. Could pattr solve this ?
– Fixed. Keeping state between sessions gave me headaches, and I don’t think I’m really done with it now. Keep asking questions please.

>There is no room :-) but: bottom row: running light (maybe red?)
– yes. Yellow/Amber, not red. Better for the eyes, I think.

>Swing function would be nice ?
– The Launchpad Drumseq follows the timing of Ableton Live. This means that loops and tempo changes work for the device. I think DrumSeq will follow Live’s grooves as well, but this needs checking. But perhaps the drum should not always follow the general groove. It’s possible to delay drumhits, but they can’t be played before Live’s timer says it’s time.

If I add groove-control it must make sence, so I take my time for it.

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