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Aug 24 2012 | 12:54 pm

Wow! I didn’t see it just today. It’s interesting what you say! I’ll take a look! Long story but, good story ;) I’d tried the patch the first time and it doesn’t worked so good, it just send to me the sixth scene (May be because i’m in Max 6? A joke). For the second time, I closed both programs Live and M4L and charge the patch again, and this time all was good. Thanks!
In this new patch I’ve just uploaded, there’s what I would like. I think it’s the solution. My great handicap was that I would like to change to the scene not when I fire it, just when Live do it (the first quarter of four). I want to be sync with the new scene’s sound. So, now I’m going to prove it with all the other devices and patches for testing if it works correctly. Do you know if the metro object will stay connected good for 30ms?

I know, I have to study and understand the Lom.Navigator. ;) Time to time.

Thanks for your really quick answer.

Keep in touch!

  1. getscene.amxd

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