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Dec 07 2010 | 1:47 pm

i really like that rotating panel-gradient-angle effect.

you can send color change values to all the objects, being very explicit to light them up.

or you might have a look at the helpfile for thispatcher and use scripting to hide and show the UI accordingly(set scripting names in the inspectors of any UI objects you want to show and hide, then send the appropriate message to thispatcher to do so; you’re going to want the scripting names for those UI objects in your patch anyways, later on, if you want to setup a preset read/write system with pattrstorage/autopattr to remember various settings… really helpful for repeat usages).

See attached patch for thispatcher show/hide example(when you open it up, the FX are hidden, click the radio buttons to make them appear accordingly).

[Edit: Oh, and the master fader, that part you can probably figure out on your own, you can either sum(patch directly) all the faders you have into one master gain fader, or you can attach a slider to all 3 faders to control them all at once…]

P.S. I think of computers as only being temperamental when i am(otherwise, it’s just broken), if you name your patch, "PleaseDontCrash…", your computer might feel the lack of confidence ;) Have faith! (i mean that humorously, not preachy)

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