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October 2, 2012 | 5:11 pm

Hi Steven,

I’ve been developing some streamlined amplitude panning externals this past year for use in graphics-driven sound projects on large tiled-display environments. Pretty much the same idea as pans4s, my abstractions, etc., but written in C (Mac only) and designed to scale waaay up. The objects use Internal sample-rate interpolation of coordinates, so the panners are driven by Max messages (no need to do smoothing or drive with a signal). Second version (zns.apan2) uses some internal bus summing (kind of like send~/receive~ functionality) to send many panners to one receiver, providing a big boost in efficiency… plus it works inside [poly~ @parallel 1].

Here’s a stampede simulation rendering 3072 sound objects across a 5.1ch setup (on one MacPro… with headroom still!). Sound driven by a Most-Pixels-Ever application (my fork: ). Video has 5.1 mixed down to stereo. Sounds much better in the actual room (this is a direct capture of the sound from the app…).

And again with only 300 objects:

I’m not ready to release any code at this point, and there are still a few issues (i.e. no guarantees), but I thought I’d just post the externals for anyone interested in trying.