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September 11, 2010 | 6:38 pm

1. With a very basic transparent film – the one used to cover school books – the performance of the Magic Trackpad appears to be completely identical as it was without the film ! One can draw over it to represent some zones, etc. Just wondering if a film printed with an inkjet printer would still be as good and how it would resist to contact with fingers.

2. Aka mouse doesn't really stop the link between the Magic Trackpad and the mouse pointer, it just hides it. This means it's still a bit dangerous because you could still drive it where a click would start something and actually when it goes to some places it becomes visible again. It's a bit disappointing because I would never comletely trust the Magic Trakcpad (for live use at least) with such a risk of an accidental click. I hope somathing could be done about this.


  1. Magic_Trackpad_with_marked_tape.jpg