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Aug 31 2010 | 8:27 am

it is not that we would need global modulators all the time ^^ but it should be
straightforward, it should even be _easier to do this to poly~ voices compared
to connecting to 32 _different places.

i dont have maxmsp here (my standard excuse not for not creating something
for the forums) but have a look at an older poly~ placebo of mine, i still use it
as a starting point sometimes.
like poly~s should be, this model is strictly DSP. the "targeting" must also been
done completely outside.
on/off is controlled by the main envelope, but it could be anything, including
something from outside.

you will notice that any modulation attempts to the input frequency (as seen in
patch version 10) suggests the use of signal [mtof~] (which is a thirdparty object
for max v4) instead of [mtof], but the effort is minimal.


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