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Mar 11 2011 | 4:35 am

I have made this chart, and provided 3 different example situations (one for bass, one for guitar, and one for pads).
This would be like a combination between an Ableton Live Arpegiattor and a Max Loop player/sequencer. Adding support for saving the templates (presets) and an adaptable grid (say 1-8 measures or even 16) would make this an even more useful plug-in than the Live arpeggiator.
I have never gotten hang notes by using the "speaker on/off" function of MIDI tracks, but I do trust your opinion. I do know that hanging notes could be a pain in the butt, and perhaps I was just lucky until now, but it's never too late to get kicked with the common error.
The reason I mentioned the "speaker on/off" function is simply because it would solve the re-triggering by the same chord problem that would be caused with launch mode "Gate" and Legato to move to other clips or scenes.
Here are the pictures of how the Max Patch could be laid out.
I know it could look nicer than that, but I just made it in Excel, and I'm not a bit of an artist. :)

[attachment=156160,1908] [attachment=156160,1909] [attachment=156160,1910]

  1. PadsExample.png


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