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Aug 12 2011 | 12:43 pm

so it seems that not only my confusion had to be sorted (so that i can stop beeing a dickhead),
there was another suprise for me.

i have a set of abstractions called "space" … encoder, decoder, utilities … which seem to do
what this "normal" LR to M/S also does.
quite shocking that i had to discover that it is such a simple thing.

about compressor plug-ins: i dont think they do anythign special. just have a dynamic effect
on M and S. there is one thing what is important: if you do anything with lookup or delay
or things like that, always have the effect enabled on both channels, just with different settings.
dependign on the effect you are biulding, you might othewise run into a trap where M is delayed
and S is not – with the result that decoding back L and R will fail.

the attached picture shows how my basic imager effect works (i often use this in effects or
generators), and (as it seems) it is basically MS encoding, balancing and panning, and MS



  1. spacemodimager.jpg


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