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Nov 18 2012 | 4:31 pm

ctrlzjones, I took a look at that patch, and that is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. However, I’m not sure if it’s possible to implement that slider to affect the vst slider 0-1000. If it is I’m not sure how it’s done as I am just getting into max.

Roman Thilenius, what I would like to do with this patch is actually not with a slider or dial. I’d like to have 2 buttons (on my uc33e), an increment and decrement, to go up and down through the waveforms.

I outputted the vst slider for the waveform selector (0-1000) to osculator and took note of the increments that were made if the parameter was outputted to a midi cc and if the parameter was outputted to pitch bend.

0.13 [waveform 1]
0.25 [waveform 2]
0.38 [waveform 3]
0.51 [waveform 4]
0.64 [waveform 5]

16.38 [waveform 1]
32.77 [waveform 2]
49.15 [waveform 3]
65.53 [waveform 4]
81.92 [waveform 5]

I’ll post a nice little pic to show this

If I was to work out some math to calculate how to jump successively to these numbers, would this allow me to accurately go up in waveforms on my vst parameter? If so, could someone point me to the right direction to make this happen.


  1. Screenshot20121118at9.05.10AM.jpg


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