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Aug 16 2012 | 10:05 pm

And here we go. Yeah; scale means octave but I used scale because, well, technically it sets the scale of the transpose so to speak.

Ok; as promised here is the MIDITransposer. Its obviously a Max MIDI effect ;-)

It does what was mentioned above; you select a note and octave to transpose to (by default this is C1) and then all incoming MIDI notes get transposed to that particular note. As one may expect from a " M4L device" its fully documented; meaning that hovering the mouse over a control will tell you what it does. And turning on Live’s Info view will also provide more information about the device when hovering over its elements.

One thing to keep in mind… If you play a note and during play change either the note or scale of the note to transpose to then this will result in the current note getting cut off (stopped). The reason should be obvious: if you transpose everything to, say, G#2 and hit a note (say C3) you’ll obviously hear G#2. If you then change the note to transpose to while keeping C3 pressed (so G#2 playing) there would be a problem if you released the key because the key press would invoke a stop signal for the newly selected ‘transpose note’. So without this behaviour changing the transpose note or octave while a key is pressed would result for that key to never stop playing because its note-off message would never be received.

During testing I noticed that its pretty easy to use with automation because it neatly displays both the note and octave in the automation lane.

Alas; I’d say give it a try and let me know how it works out. Hope this is what you had in mind.

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