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Feb 15 2011 | 9:03 pm

I love max but sometimes with all theses objects you're a bit lost.. pv was not in the "see also" section of the helpfiles of the pattr objects.. I did look at pv.maxhelp many years ago but i forgot about it..

Now I have a working solution, it looks like it's working for the moment.
(Through It was not that simple, i had to find a trick for the data to be really 'sent' to the other side of the module**, with a global bang sent, and a 'not_this_patch' test, plus the i didn't find the pv.maxhelp really clear about 'public' & 'private', so i had strange bugs at the beginning. And also to init pv with an argument: it only works if the init argument is in the pv which is in the main patch.)

@johnpitcain : Thanks, your objects are looking quite interesting, but i have to tell that using so much externals in the basic structure of my project doesn't really convince me. I want standard objects for that. (Through i do need few externals like the great resonators~ )

So here bellow is the last version of this modular-patch-with-mxj-paramaters, i found a nice way to display my controls, using an abstraction called "_" for floats parameters, and "l" for list parameters like multisliders.

Thanks everyone,

** It would have been more simple if pv would react like pvar (seeding the value), or if real "psend" and "preceive" objects would exist…

P.S : I will share here a template of my basic mxj structure (coming with real time data automation and others stuff) when it'll be realized.


  1. mxjsoundmodules.png


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