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Feb 13 2011 | 9:47 pm

The problem with patchcords is that when i have dozens and dozens of parameters in a view then it’s big big mess to edit…

[pattrforward] in my abstractions seems to be the way to go, after trying around for two hours with this, i can get to ‘send’ my parameter from the UI object : Now the data is sent only in the local "sound_module_patcher" even if DIFFERENT INSTANCES of it are loaded in max. ok.
… but i cannot ‘receive’ the parameter to the UI… Look at my patch attached bellow in this message:

Is there some way i could get my [pattrforward My_controls::param::from_java_parameter] to work with every [param x] abstractions ?? (Actually it seems to be bind to only [param 5])
Or to manage it in an other way ??

-> For the ‘send from the UI’ part, the "parent::parent::" stuff works perfectly but then here i would need some kind of "sub::sub::" stuff, but this doesn’t seem to be implemented in pattr…


@Gregory : These three dashes sound nice but it doesn’t appears to work in max.. (i don’t use M4L)

@Roman : I’ve thought about this kind of solution, but then I wouldn’t, as i wrote, "be able to had new UI parameters/abstractions on the fly while the patch is running", which is important to me.

@C74 : A new "2 or 3 patcher-levels of tolerance" option, to bind pattr stuff together without the need of putting the name of the subpatch with "::", would be welcome. Then, also, we wouldn’t need to worry when we want to encapsulate or de-encapsulate…

@C74 : mxj pattr compatibility would be even more welcome…

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