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Sep 20 2010 | 12:48 pm

Hello Laserpilot

Thx for the reply. I recognized that you’ve started a similar post. The exmple given in your thread didn’t work for me. The preview pwindow remained white. maybe i am missing something?
i’ve attached my patch. it’s messy and maybe some things don’t make senes or can be done better. i am relatively new to jitter so there are many things to learn and explore for me.
basicly i wanna process a camera image and after some processing put it on a videoplane to achieve some more different effects.
so my preview window is right now the end of the videoprocessing chain. but i wanna be able to get a real preview, after the end of the 3d objects chain… and i also wanna use the handle in this preview window so that i can take control from it to the main output window? or is something like auto rotate possible without the handle?

i am working within max for live. so maybe there have to be made some modifications – for exmaple with the audio input.

i didnn’t know how to paste my patch as text so i attached it

  1. gl_prev.maxpat

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