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Oct 27 2010 | 9:35 pm

a few weird things

The interpolation was weird in the last version, especially in the high range of ramp times, , , I have no clue why, but in this version, i’ve reduced the interpolation time range to 1 second maximum.
(having all my knobs commandeered for 10 seconds was to obtrusive for me anyway -_- )

I’m not seeing the ‘interp_time’ in the client window for the patter storage.. I had an unnecessary loop of gui objects in the last version, and i cleaned that up here. But. . . . when I add an actual [pattr interp_time] to the patch, It shows up in the clientwindow as "interp_time[1]"

@pid, the "store 0" tip you gave me doesn’t work in max for live. . . . it definitely does in max, but when you send ‘store 0’ to the pattrstorage here, the slot is added as all blank fields!!?!?!?!
I’ve submitted a bug report for this and the other things.

this version1.2alpha6.2 works better, uses the same poly~ patch ‘statesetter6.maxpat’.

So nobody has any name ideas? Do you think a naming contest is a stupid idea or something? :P

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