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Sep 18 2012 | 2:56 am

Today’s physics patch features a set of musical walls and three equally musical spheres that make noise whenever they collide. Each sphere has its own "collision" subpatch that calculates whether the sphere has collided with another sphere (which produces a low note), or one of the walls (each of the 6 walls that makes up the "world" is associated with a note in a pentatonic scale – hit the wall and the note sounds).

The patch demonstrates the use of jit.phys world dictionaries, which contain all the data necessary to detect collisions, and even to determine when objects collide for the first time (think of it as a sort of equivalent to "debouncing").

The interesting twist on this patch is that it contains a set of 3d LFOs controlled using standard ITM objects. These x/y/z vectored LFOs run quietly in the background as the spheres drift and interact and let you "teleport" them – that is, move them immediately to the location specified by the 3d LFO at a time interval you choose. Whenever the spheres are teleported, they move immediately to their new location and continue with their original momentum for interesting results.

Of course, this patch can be modified to do all kinds of other things. It just felt like a pentotonic tune kind of day here. Beam me up/sideways, Scottie!


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