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Jul 28 2010 | 6:22 pm

Hi…I´ve been programming this interface that consist basically in a loop player that reads files randomly stored in multiple buffers (with the polybuffer object) and then these files are routed via series of gates in order to being processed with a "scrubf" abstraction (from percolate library) and a granular and gabor psola from FTM, and finally a reverb also from percolate. The gates are designed in a very simple way in order to have the files routed to one or two of this efects, and also in dry mode. Then, this "module" is duplicated 8 times so you have more diversity to load up differents folders and so on….

So what´s the issue??…well, when i turn the Dsp on, the patch uses around 44% of my cpu being idle (i´m running a Macbook with a 2.4 ghz core2duo with 2 gb ram, and a 003 rack digidesign firewire audio interface) and Max-Msp begins to incrementally hogging ram memory (up to 1.5 gb ram). I don´t know what could it be. Could if be the polybuffer object, or just my programming errors?

Thanks a lot, and i would appreciate your feedback

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