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Jul 27 2012 | 1:38 am

Thanks Wesley and Robert!

I’ve attached 3 Max patchers with 3 different methods. 2 with js using and iterating in js and one with

the seems to have the performance edge. with I haven’t been able to figure out how to set non-relative positions.
and with the iterating in js, I haven’t figured out how to draw the gridshapes any more efficiently.

My finding is that outperforms anything else I’ve tried.

A few questions stem from this exploration:

1. Is there a way to incorporate the directly into my JS and still pass shader params? Could someone show me how to do this?
2. For future reference, is there any better way of drawing gridshapes through iteration than the way I’m doing in the iteration patch?
3. With, can you set discrete positioning using the method I was using?


4. I’ve seen lots of references to getting more performance out of Max/Jitter using lower level languages…C and Java? What kind of difference could I expect if I eventually explore that route? I basically want to know how many discrete pieces of geometry I can drive through Jitter and maintain 30-60fps. By going the C or Java route, can I expect to be able to throw thousands of gridshapes??? Are there examples out there using C and Java that essentially show off what is possible?

Any comments on improving my max/js/lua code would be appreciated.


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