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Sep 17 2011 | 9:03 pm

Yep — I hacked a quick small test, and it fails precisely as described. Attached is an archive with the two patchers.

To reproduce the problem:

(I’m assuming that anyone trying this will edit the audio output and MIDI devices and VSTs in these patchers to match their own environments)

1) Open the StandaloneAudioOutputDevice and leave it open. Note the "load StandaloneVSTTest" piece on the bottom left but don’t touch it yet.

2) Open the StandaloneVSTTest directly from the finder. If you play keys on your keyboard, you should hear basic sound. If you close this and open it a few times, it should work perfectly well each time.

3) Close the StandaloneVSTTest patcher. Now, click on the "load StandaloneVSTTest" message in the other patcher. The StandaloneVSTTest will open but you won’t hear anything when you play keys. Now turn the DSP processing off and on again (either from the DSP Status object or just by clicking the "Manual restart" [bang] and everything will work fine.


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