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Jan 01 2011 | 5:15 pm

First.. What errors did you get? ’tis a bit hard to debug problems if all you say is that you got errors without mentioning them.

Second; you say that you’re trying to use ad_rewire. But that does not fit what you’re trying to do; that driver is used whenever you use Max as a rewire slave, not as a master. And in a combo Max < -> Reason there is no other option than that Max becomes the master.

Anyway, its a bit hard to determine what might have gone wrong, so maybe this patch (‘ReWire Controller’) can help. Load the patch, then load Reason. If all goes well then Reason starts as a rewire slave.

Now find Reason amongst the ‘Rewire devices’ and set the inputs accordingly (usually ‘Mix L’ and ‘Mix R’). Turn up the volume (use the slider at the bottom, that controls both channels) and make Reason play something (you’ll probably need to use the sequencer and the mouse, my patch does not control midi).

And that should be enough to make this work.

As soon as you selected Reason as a rewire device (see above) you should get this message in your Max window:

rewire~: opened device Reason

Hope this helps!

Hmm, I’ll attach my patch instead of copy/paste, it seems to get a bit long otherwise…

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