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May 27 2012 | 2:51 pm

gotcha – thanks for your help on this!

I understand how that works in your example – but that is assuming that every sysex message coming from protools is in groups of 13 – right?

Problem is that they are many messages coming in various lengths.

When i use 13 – i can see attached file in the max window:

As you can see each group of 13 isn't always complete as it may include numbers from the previous or next group of 13.

Wondering if my original plan of figuring out how to have Max identify a particular string and grab it from an incoming stream would be the best option – is this possible?

so that it would see 240 0 0 102 5 0 16 0 V X Y Z 247 and extract that.

then i could use z slice to be left with v x y z



  1. Screenshot20120527at10.45.25AM.png


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