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Jul 21 2012 | 7:56 pm

Hi Guys, This is a really sweet patch.

I’m trying to fold it into a larger patch and i’m running into a couple noob roadblocks. First I’m trying to convert the gen looper to record in stereo (with the option of then controlling playback of each channel independently) so for example on play back the left channel could play forward and the right channel in reverse, or setting different start and end loop point. different speeds per channel etc…. I tried duplicating the inside of the gen~ changing the inputs on the copy but it’s not wanting to record to a two channel buffer.

The second question is, this will all live in a bpatcher of which i will load several instances of in a parent patcher and I’ve done this before by prefixing names in the bpatcher with #0. but when I try to use the #0 in the gen object to rename the buffer name i get a gen compile error saying that #0_lp is not a valid variable name. So I’m not sure how to get around that.

Thanks for the help and the inspiring code to start with!
Attached is a copy of my hacked version which is not working correctly.

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