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April 5, 2011 | 11:42 pm

Hi Luke, thanks for the advice, somehow I seem to have managed to start learning Max and not stumble upon the unpack object?!?! its a good one to know lol.

I attatched my patch I’m working on and would love hear your advice on how to solve my problem. I have no idea why I can’t update the frequency arguments for the cycle objects in the subpatch (that the list or number boxes should be sending the frequency values for)

If I can get it tidied up and working smoothly I can start to begin saving presets, patterns, rules for the CA etc (and tidy up the subpatch to include noise osc’s, tri, sample playback…whatever … Its part of a Uni project but I want to get this sorted before I get stuck into the musical side of things.

If you get a spare 5 mins, check it out! Any advice is very welcome.