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Apr 22 2013 | 8:32 pm

Let me try it this way.

Attached is a midi file I am working with. If you open the file with detonate you’ll see different tracks (not channels). Each track represents a separate instrument, like an orchestra. I want each track sent out to go to its own synth, which is where poly~ comes in. That way each track can have it’s own unique rhythm, timbre controlled via duration, velocity, X1, X2, etc. coming from detonate.

That is why I think I need to take the data parsed out from each track/instrument, such as TRACK 1, and pack that into a list and send it to poly~ via [send]. (That’s what I have been trying today.) Maybe I can’t do that and poly~ needs to be attached with a patch cord.

Does that define the problem a bit more? My brain is mush.

  1. CASCADE1.mid

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