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Oct 21 2008 | 10:22 pm

At this point, further pontification on the subject of performance, including speculation about our coding practices, executive decision-making, use of third-party technology, etc. is no longer of any interest to anyone at Cycling ’74, and does not serve the purpose of obtaining the desired performance optimizations in future versions. It just wastes the time of the people who could be working on the problem, but, like passers-by at the scene of an accident, feel compelled to look at the latest uninformed screed.

I appreciate that a small number of users are concerned about the speed at which hundreds of objects can be dragged around. Frankly, we haven’t spent a lot of time optimizing this particular case up to this point. However, since pretty much anything can be optimized with effort once it has been identified as a problem, we are currently in the process of looking at it. I can tell those of you who might care that based on our preliminary analysis, all the speculation about the source of the performance problems that has been posted here is, unsurprisingly, wrong.

David Z.

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